HZ900 Dust Vacuum Cleaner H Class – Numatic

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The 900 series of “H” specification machines has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of industries where it is necessary to remove dust that could constitute a health hazard.

The power head is of all-steel construction and is available in a choice of one or two motor construction. Power and performance are to full TwinFlo’ standards and plugged easily replaceable cable systems are a standard fitment.

The HEPA filter units are securely mounted on their steel module with separate primary pre-filter mounted within the main container and the machines are designed to use our giant Microflo’ dust bags to ensure easy, clean and safe emptying.

This machine is available with a Simplex single motor power-head (HZ900) and 32mm kit (902244 – AA20) or a Duplex twin motor power-head (HZD900) and 38mm kit (607349 – BB20).

• Advanced Filtration – “H” specification designed to meet industry requirements.
• Handy Cable Replacement – Nucable system for quick and easy changing of cable.
• Easy, Clean and Safe Emptying – Designed to use our giant Microflo’ dust bags.
• Built to Last – Made for tough with power head of all-steel construction.
• Stay Cleaning for Longer – Huge 40L capacity and 26.8M cleaning range.

• Simplex One Motored Model – HZ900
• Duplex Two Motored Model – HZD900


Motor TwinFlo (DAF)
Power 230V AC 50/60Hz
Motor Power Simplex: 960 W, Duplex: 2 x 960 W
Airflow Simplex: 48 L/sec, Duplex: 96 L/sec
Suction 2500 mm H2O
Capacity 40 L
Cleaning Range 26.8 m
Weight (Machine + Kit) Simplex: 28 kg, Duplex: 30 kg
Size 490 x 800 x 880mm
Filtration Class Type H13 to (EN1822)


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