Mirka Pros 650CV 150mm Orbit 5,0

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The Newest MIRKA PROS650CV 150mm ORBIT 5mm Mirka pneumatic random orbital sander

The New Mirka PROS650CV Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander 150mm

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Mirka pneumatic random orbital sanding machines are effective and durable tools for professional sanding. They feature ergonomic design and lightweight, hi-tech materials to create tools with optimal strength and user comfort. These machines are built for maximum dust extraction even at low suction power and have a low noise level even when operating at their 12,000 rpm maximum.

The Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander  MIRKA PROS650CV (Central Vacuum) is developed in-house by the Mirkas industry leading design team. It is packed with clever features and attention to detail which has created an efficient and effective sanding tool that is perfect for professional operators. MIRKA PROS650CV has a five millimetre orbit and has been specially developed to produce maximum dust extraction, even at low suction power, thanks to a wider dust suction outlet in the machine housing which substantially improves dust suction efficiency.

The innovative features continue with a brake seal designed to deliver a variety of valuable performance benefits. For example, in contrast to conventional pneumatic random orbital sanders, the brake seal on the MIRKA PROS makes the backing pad oscillate rather than free spin when holding the machine in the air. This eliminates the possibility of causing deep marks in the surface when the fast rotating abrasive first touches the job. In addition, as soon as the tool is removed from the work surface the brake seal immediately brakes the rotation speed of the backing pad. The long-life brake seal also contributes to improved dust extraction efficiency by minimising the internal suction leakage.

Technical Specifications

Dust system Central vacuum ready
Work pressure (bar) 6,2
Noise level (dB) 82
Pad (Mirkacode) 8292605011
Air consumption (l/min) 485
Speed (rpm) 12000
Size of pad (in) 6
Orbit (mm) 5


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