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Rems Tiger – the saw for the pipe fitter.

Powerful, effortless, right angle cuts Steel pipes up to 160mm.

Steel or Timber up to 250mm.

Guide Support.

Power transferring guide support with 5 fold leverage enables fast effortless right angle sawing anywhere on site without a vice.

Easy one handed operation and no loose swinging chain.

400% additional sawing power for fast effortless sawing, a perfect right angle cut in a 2″ steel pipe in just 8 seconds.

Right Angle Sawing

Perfect right angle cutting thanks to Rems guide support used in conjunction with Rems special saw blade.


Extremely robust and site proven with a slender design

Extremely light at just 3kg.

Ergonomically designed front housing with slip resistant heat insulated grip, Straight shaped handle and flexible supporting shoe for secure blade guidance.

Silicone gasket protects gear from dust and water.

Powerful universal motor 1,050W

Ideal fixed speed of 2,200rpm provides optimum cutting speed to protect the motor and maximise saw blade life. This speed has been determined by extensive sawing tests sawing steel pipes.

Square lift rod

Solid steel, sturdy lift rod mounted precisely in the needle bearings direct the force along the complete length of the stroke producing distortion free, precise cutting during tough use and long service life.

Oscillating Drive with ANC

Rems new super-stable, maintenance free, water and dust resistant oscillating drive, delivers simultaneous sawing stroke and orbital action to the saw blade. Needle bearing mounted crank drive (ANC) reduces heat, friction and wear providing long service life even with heavy use.

Aggressive Orbital Action

Vertical hacking motion of the saw blade is achieved by aggressive orbital action which in turn provides fast forward feed through the saw blade. The orbital action mechanism runs in needle bearings to ensure long lasting service even in heavy duty situations such as pipe sawing.

Universal Saw Blade Clamp

Saw blades can be clamped without changing or turning the saw blade thrust piece.

Rems Special Saw Blade

Essential for right angle sawing with guide support, extra thick and resistant to bending and twisting. With a wide clamping face that is double tang mounted to ensure accurate seating and high stability.

Coarse corrugated tooth pattern for fast cutting and long service life.

Rems Universal Saw Blades

Rather than having to choose from a different range of saw blades, only 1 universal blade is required to suit all jobs. Highly flexible therefore suitable for sawing flush to walls etc. With a wide clamping face that is double tang mounted to ensure accurate seating and high stability.

Alternating tooth pattern for smooth, rapid cutting and long service life.


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