REMS 845X02 Cento Pipe Cutter 230volt 22-115mm with free c/wheel

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Rems Cento Pipe Cutter cuts without  swarf

Rems Cento pipe cutting machine in either 240v or 110v, precision hardened steel rollers, safety foot switch, ring spanner. Please note that no cutter wheel is supplied with this kit but are available from within the pipe cutting section of this website.

Light portable compact machine for cutting pipework in steel, copper, stainless steel, plastic and cast iron (correct cutter wheel to be used).

Cutting diameter range Ø 22 – 108mm.

Rems Cento, super fast, right angled, chip free, no outer burr and dry cutting.

Ideal for press fitting systems

Rems Cento is the tool for cutting pipe-work where press fitting systems are to be installed. It gives a perfect right angle cut, deposits no chips within the pipe-work and leaves no outer burr that can damage the O ring within the press fitting. It is dry cutting avoiding lubricants that may damage the O ring within the press fitting and fast cutting which will limit the heat built up during the cutting operation.


The Rems Cento is compact, robust and light weighing only 16.8kg it is one man moveable and robust for site use. It offers easy pipe cutting through it’s specially designed powered cutter wheel and linear advance for fast cutting.

Pipe Support

4 ball bearing mounted rollers manufactured from specially hardened precision steel offer low friction guided rotation of the pipe-work that is to be cut. Rollers fit all pipes up to 108m without the need for adjustment. Stainless steel rollers available as an accessory.


Robust gear, precisely mounted in roller and needle bearings which are maintenance free. Proven 1,200w motor available in 240v or 110v and powerful enough to cut a Ø54mm stainless steel pipe in just 4 seconds. 115rpm which is the ideal cutting speed for pipe-work. Operator safety foot switch with emergency stop. This model is 220 volt.

Cutter Wheels

Rems top quality cutter wheels precisely manufactured and hardened with proven Rems know how. ensuring fast cutting, no outer burr and long service life. Different cutters available with variable cutting geometries specifically manufactured to materials to be cut.

  • Cu-INOX wheels are suitable for cutting stainless steel pipes
  • Cu wheels are suitable for cutting copper pipes
  • St wheels are suitable for cutting steel and cast pipes
  • V wheels are suitable for cutting plastic and multilayer composite tubes with a wall thickness > 7mm


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