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Rubi Tile Cutters - Professional Wet Tile Saws

Rubi Tile Cutters - Professional Wet Tile Saws

Rubi tile saws are designed to meet all professional and domestic needs.

"Rubi ND-180-BL" and "Rubi DU-200-L-BL" wet saws

offer incredible value for lighter domestic use.

"Rubi Diamant ND-200 wet tile cutter", "Rubi DW-250-N wet tile saw", "Rubi DW-250-NL wet tile cutter", "Rubi TC-180 Wet tile mitre saw" and "Rubi DS-250 wet tile cutter"

offers superb power, precision and functionality for larger, professional jobs.

Range of cutters for ceramic tiles by using diamond blade.

The wet tile saw is good option to cut porcelain tile or other ceramic tiles. Also can cut other materials like bricks, granite, marble, natural stone. Using specific diamond blade, the wet saw is the best option for cutting glass tile. The wet cutting tile saw is the perfect machine for tiling works