The Mirka DEROS

The best Sander on the market.

The Mirka DEROS provides outstanding power with minimal heft, along with low vibration that allows for fatigue-free extended use. Add to that effective dust collection and you have a tool that promises to change the rules in the world of random orbital sanders.

The Mirka DEROS (stands for Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander) is the first random orbital sander with a brush-less DC motor that has the power supply efficiently incorporated into the sander body. The motor delivers far more power than any typical electric random orbital sander on the market. The DEROS rivals the power found in pneumatic sanders, which are generally far superior in performance to their electric counterparts.

At only 3-1/2” tall, and 2.2 pounds, its petite profile makes the tool manageable in any sized hand, much like a pneumatic sander. Its light, compact form is particularly beneficial when sanding vertically, which can be tiring using typical electric random orbital sanders.

The soft-start feature delivers a gentle ramp-up to peak performance which, coupled with silky smooth ongoing operation (even with aggressive grits), makes sanding a more pleasant experience. Variable speed control built into the trigger mechanism provides smooth, single-handed speed changes which gives the operator exceptional finesse in moving across intricate areas of a project.

The Mirka DEROS is unparalleled in its performance making it the BEST sander on the market.

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