3M Perfect It Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound+Wax 473ml

£19.68 Ex Vat

3M Perfect-it Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound+Wax is 3M’s best one-step solution for major gelcoat refinishing. It quickly removes major defects (scratches, oxidation, chalking, water marks). It also provides a durable protective wax with a high gloss.


Using 3M Marine Perfect-it Fiberglass Cutting Compound and Wax combines two steps in one -saving you time and money.

Dual action Medium Cutting Compound & wax protector lets you finish the job faster.

3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound + Wax combines fast cutting power, a high gloss finish and durable wax protection.

Use this for any P1000 and finer scratches.

3M Perfect-It Gel coat Medium Cutting Compound & Wax improved formula has longer wet times for easier clean up and less dust, even in warm climates.

3M Perfect-It Gel coat Medium Cutting Compound +Wax works great on boats, caravans and industrial gel coats.

This one-step solution results in a brilliant finish and long-lasting protection for any of your gel coat surfaces


Boat wax & cleaner suitable for fiberglass repair, gel coat restoration and general boat detailing.

Removes lighter oxidation, rust, corrosion,chalking, fading, scratches and exhaust stains.

Provides shine and a protective coating on fiberglass, gel-coat, metal and topside paints.

One step process – cleans and helps protect against sunlight, salt water and pollutants.


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