Geared eccentric sander ROTEX RO 90 DX FEQ-Plus 240V

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RO 90 Festool Sander 240V

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  • Four tools in one: for coarse sanding, fine sanding, delta sanding and polishing. Resulting in low investment costs and savings on working time
  • ROTEX rotary motion for efficient material removal Eccentric motion for high-quality, scratch-free surfaces
  • FastFix sanding pad system, tool-less
  • Ideal ergonomic grip positions
  • Sanding up to the edge thanks to the Festool PROTECTOR
  • Effortless work thanks to a weight <1.5 kg

Main Applications:

  • Sanding off paint and varnishes on window frames
  • Ideal for vertical surfaces or overhead work
  • Sanding feather-and-groove joints
  • Sanding in angles, corners and edges – when work in tight spaces is required
  • Sanding louvres with a special pad
  • Performing SPOT REPAIR applications in body area


Festool RO 90 DX FEQ-Plus 240V Geared Eccentric Sander ROTEX Complete With:

  • FastFix sanding pad, Ø 90 mm (soft-HT)
  • StickFix sanding pad V93
  • Festool PROTECTOR



  • Power consumption: 400W
  • ROTEX rotary motion speed: 260-520 min-1
  • Eccentric motion speed: 3,500-7,000 min-1
  • Sanding stroke: 3mm
  • FastFix sanding pad Ø: 90mm
  • Connection Ø d/e: 27mm


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