Minimax T45 Classic Spindle Moulder

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The SCM Minimax T45C spindle moulder is ideal for small workshops wanting a simple machine. Cast iron table and cast horseshoe fence are up the standard you would expect from SCM build quality and aftersales support system will ensure peace of mind for years to come

  • Worktable size 1000 x 695mm
  • Spindle tilting no
  • Working height of fixed spindle 100mm
  • Maz diameter tool 210 mm
  • Max tool retractable under table 180 mm
  • Spindle speeds 3000, 7000,10000 rpm
  • Motor power 5.0 kw 3ph
  • Exhaust hoods 1 x 120mm
  • Extraction requirement
  • Net weight 170 kg
  • Optional equipment on request:
  • 58.03.95 Tilting spindle 90 degrees ÷ 45 degrees
  • 58.02.24 Anodized aluminium fence plates
  • 58.03.09 Exhaust outlet under the worktable
  • 26.01.19 Interchangeable spindle [90mm]


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